Pregnancy and childbirth in Abyssinian cats
Pregnancy and childbirth in Abyssinian cats

Pregnancy and childbirth in Abyssinian cats

So, perhaps you are an experienced breeder and you know everything about everything. And pregnancy and childbirth in Abyssinian cats will not take you by surprise. You have a considerable experience of observing the pregnancy of cats and you understand perfectly well what and at what point you may be alerted to the behavior of the expectant mother. You have delivered your cats more than once and faced various situations in this process. It’s all very great, but what about newly minted cat breeders?


Currently, a great variety of training courses, lectures, videos and dedicated to pregnancy and childbirth in Abyssinian cats are offered. If you have embarked on the path of a breeder, then be sure to study as much as possible all kinds of materials on the topic of pregnancy and childbirth in Abyssinian cats. Here we will only briefly try to describe the important points.


Pregnancy of Abyssinian cats

Pregnancy in cats lasts 58-67 days. Childbirth in Abyssinian cats occurs on the 62-65 day.

During pregnancy, your Abyssinian beauty needs your attention and love more than ever. At this point, it is necessary to take care of a proper diet, vitamin supplements. It is necessary to avoid stressful situations for the cat.


Common signs of an early birth of Abyssinian cats


How to prepare for the birth of your Abyssinian cat


What should alert the Abyssinian cats in childbirth and in front of them


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Unfortunately, and maybe fortunately, professional breeding of Abyssinian kittens does not bring real income. Therefore, Abyssinian cat kennels are kept only by breeders in love with them. And we do not treat our pets as a commodity. For us, these are children. The main thing for us is that the kittens should be happy with their new owners. Now there are 2 Abyssinian cats and 5 cats in our kennel. There are separate spacious apartments for each cat. This ensures the planned conduct of breeding work.