How to choose Abyssinian kittens -
How to choose Abyssinian kittens

How to choose Abyssinian kittens

How to choose Abyssinian kittens? For example, our Kingdom of Aby cattery presents Abyssinian cats and cats of interesting breeding lines, each pet has an individual chip and pedigree. All animals have titles obtained at exhibitions. Our Abyssinian kittens meet the standards of the Abyssinian breed. They move to new homes no earlier than 3 months with a veterinary passport, vaccinations. All kittens have club documents of origin. Our little fluffy friends have been accustomed to a scratching post and a tray since childhood.


Abyssinian kittens: general recommendations for choosing

Abyssinian kittens are divided into three categories:

– a show-class kitten, this is an ideal kitten, a potential winner of exhibitions. This kitten will cost you the most.

– a breed-class kitten is an animal involved in breeding, participates in exhibitions, its ratings and titles may be different, may have minor flaws, do not have obvious defects, correspond to breed data.

– pet class, kittens offered as pets are not for breeding, they can be both ideal and have disadvantages. Such kittens are sold already neutered, or with a mark in the documents as pet (for castration).



The choice of Abyssinian kittens. Fraud schemes.

So, you decided to treat yourself to an Abyssinian kitten. And, of course, we decided to save money! and we decided to search on Avito! After all, money is always tight! The cost is different. From 5000 rubles to 50,000 rubles.


Я, вообще, сначала советую посетить выставки, что бы иметь представление о том, как должен выглядеть абиссинский котенок. Зная, что вы хотите, вы уже не купите “кота в мешке”. Посетите несколько продавцов. Сравнить все. И котят и продавцов. Проверьте кошачью шерсть на проверку наличия у вас аллергии на кошек!



Videos of our kittens.

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If you love Abyssinian kittens, then we will share with you our love for them.

Unfortunately, and maybe fortunately, professional breeding of Abyssinian kittens does not bring real income. Therefore, Abyssinian cat kennels are kept only by breeders in love with them. And we do not treat our pets as a commodity. For us, these are children. The main thing for us is that the kittens should be happy with their new owners. Now there are 2 Abyssinian cats and 5 cats in our kennel. There are separate spacious apartments for each cat. This ensures the planned conduct of breeding work.