Viral diseases of cats. Herpesvirus infection in cats
Viral diseases of cats. Herpesvirus infection in cats

Viral diseases of cats. Herpesvirus infection in cats

Viral diseases of cats. Herpesvirus infection in cats, a disease caused by the herpes virus. This is a widespread disease. In principle, a herpesvirus infection is rhinotracheitis. It proceeds in an acute and chronic form. There is a comprehensive vaccination of cats against this infection.


The source of infection is sick animals. Infection occurs through secretions from the mucous membranes. The incubation period is from 2 to 6 days.


Signs of viral diseases of cats. Herpesvirus infection in cats decreased or lack of appetite

  1. Sneezing, lacrimation, nasal discharge
  2. Sometimes ulcers of the tongue appear, which more often resembles signs of another viral disease of cats. It is more common in the chronic course of herpesvirus in the acute stage. Rarely ulcers on the nose.
  3. Rhinotracheitis often occurs in combination with other infections


On average, the treatment lasts from 7 to 10 days.

Cats that have been ill often remain viral carriers of rhinotracheitis.

Clinical manifestations are similar to the symptoms of other viral diseases, for this correct diagnosis is very important. The PCR method is most often used, smears are taken from the nose or conjunctiva of the eye.


Treatment of rhinotracheitis

There are different treatment regimens, we will consider the general scheme, it includes an antibiotic to prevent the development of secondary bacterial infection, an antiviral drug, an immunomodulator, symptomatic treatment, for example, instillation of the eyes or nasal lavage. Antipyretic drugs at elevated temperature.


The correct diagnosis and treatment regimen is determined by the veterinarian!

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