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Abyssinian. Abyssinian Cat

Abyssinian. Abyssinian Cat

The Abyssinian sounds proud! The Abyssinian cat sounds troublesome! And this is not a joke..

Of course, if a cat is neutered, he brings no more trouble than a cat. But if he’s a MAN! then there are a lot of problems:



No sedatives help!


Therefore, many breeders do not dare to keep an Abyssinian cat. It’s too much trouble with him! But, it is very difficult to get a high-quality, purebred cat for mating. And sometimes it’s impossible! Abyssinian cats available for mating do not stand up to any criticism. And decent cats are closed to mating with outside cats.


We managed to get two gorgeous Abyssinian cats for a lot of money.


Unfortunately, and maybe fortunately, professional breeding of Abyssinian kittens does not bring real income. Therefore, Abyssinian cat kennels are kept only by breeders in love with them. And we do not treat our pets as a commodity. For us, these are children. The main thing for us is that the kittens should be happy with their new owners. Now there are 2 Abyssinian cats and 5 cats in our kennel. There are separate spacious apartments for each cat. This ensures the planned conduct of breeding work.