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Abyssinian Cattery

Abyssinian Cattery

Abyssinian kittens cattery offers to buy purebred Abyssinian kittens. Abyssinian cats, these lovely creatures, cannot leave you indifferent to themselves. And, if you are interested in Abyssinian cats, then you have come to the right place!

Kingdom of Aby

This is the website of the mono Abyssinian cattery Kingdom of Aby. The purity of the breed is ensured by painstaking breeding work to breed and continue the best lines among Abyssinian cats. Abyssinian cats are more profitable to buy in our kennel than on Avito. The prices are the same, and the kittens are thoroughbred!

We are working to make our Abyssinian cats make you happy! We try to participate in cat shows.

Kingdomaby is a pledge of purity of the breed of Abyssinian cats

The key to the successful operation of any kennel is the presence of purebred Abyssinian cat breeders. This is the basis of everything. Their cost reaches up to $ 5000. Therefore, it is impossible to buy a purebred Abyssinian kitten "on the cheap"! Experience and continuous training at specialized seminars allows us to provide qualified advice to clients both before and after the sale.

It should be noted that Abyssinian kittens are not a toy or an interior item. They are a full member of the family! Before buying, it is necessary to study the nature and behavior of Abyssinian cats and weigh their capabilities. We advise you to study Wikipedia carefully.

If you love Abyssinian kittens, then we will share with you our love for them.

Unfortunately, and maybe fortunately, professional breeding of Abyssinian kittens does not bring real income. Therefore, Abyssinian cat kennels are kept only by breeders in love with them. And we do not treat our pets as a commodity. For us, these are children. The main thing for us is that the kittens should be happy with their new owners. Now there are 2 Abyssinian cats and 5 cats in our kennel. There are separate spacious apartments for each cat. This ensures the planned conduct of breeding work.

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