Buy an Abyssinian kitten in St. Petersburg
Buy an Abyssinian kitten in St. Petersburg

Buy an Abyssinian kitten in St. Petersburg

You can buy an Abyssinian kitten in St. Petersburg in our nursery through the reservation of your chosen baby! Before buying an Abyssinian kitten, carefully study the nature of the breed you have chosen. After all, this is a living being, not a toy! Therefore, it is not permissible to treat the purchase of an Abyssinian kitten, even in St. Petersburg, even in Moscow, as a purchase of a thing! This is an immutable condition when buying a kitten. As you choose a kitten, so the kitten chooses you. You must also provide quality living conditions and veterinary services. If you are not sure of your capabilities, it is better to refuse to buy an Abyssinian kitten…


Buy an Abyssinian kitten in St. Petersburg. Conditions.

  1. At the age of 1 month, Abyssinian kittens are put up for reservation. You can come to visit us and choose a new family member, get to know him better. The owner of the kennel has the right to refuse to sell you an Abyssinian kitten after a conversation with you without explaining the reasons.
  2. When reserving a kitten, you make an advance payment and it is not offered to anyone else.
  3. Abyssinian kittens move to a new home no earlier than 3 months.
  4. When moving to you, the Abyssinian kitten has a full set of documents:


Documents when buying an Abyssinian kitten

  1. Veterinary passport with vaccination marks,
  2. Contract of acceptance and transfer (purchase and sale),
  3. Certificate of origin (kitten pedigree).


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What else do you get when buying an Abyssinian kitten from us


Buying an Abyssinian kitten for breeding


For any questions, please call: our phone +79219736953 (whatsapp, Viber) or write to e-mail . We are located at the address: St. Petersburg, Veterans Avenue, 171 k 2 of. 800




If you love Abyssinian kittens, then we will share with you our love for them.

Unfortunately, and maybe fortunately, professional breeding of Abyssinian kittens does not bring real income. Therefore, Abyssinian cat kennels are kept only by breeders in love with them. And we do not treat our pets as a commodity. For us, these are children. The main thing for us is that the kittens should be happy with their new owners. Now there are 2 Abyssinian cats and 5 cats in our kennel. There are separate spacious apartments for each cat. This ensures the planned conduct of breeding work.